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Digital Torque Wrench - Torque Tester

Digital and analog torque instruments for quality control

Digital and Analog Torque Wrenches

Determine the applied torque on bolts and nuts by measuring peak force when unscrewing. By using our digital and analog torque wrenches the user can easily apply exactly the right amount of torque because the actual torque value is displayed.
Digital Torque Wrench
Digital Torque Screwdriver Digital Torque Screwdrivers

Tighthen screws exactly with the correct amount of torque, the real-time torque value is displayed on the display. The digital torque screwdriver can also display peak torque to be able to determine the amount or torque needed to untighten screws.
Cap Torque Tester - Closure Torque Testers

Quickly and easily verify opening torque of bottles and jars with the Checkline portable cap torque testers. Peak torque as well as real-time torque can be recorded and data can be output to a pc with our digital cap torque testers.
Cap Torque Tester
Torque Verification and Calibration Tools Torque Verification and Calibration Testers

Torque calibration tools designed for testing click, dail and digital torque wrenches and screwdrivers. Additionally most impluse tools and electric drivers can be verified. Portable bi-directional torque testers with bench mount option.
Torque Sensors And Displays

Torque Sensors And Displays
Torque Testers General Purpose Torque Testers

Mechanical And Motorized Torque Test Stands

Torque Test Stands
Torque Grips Grips For Torque Testers And Test Stands

Software and Printer For Torque Gauges

Torque Software and Printer
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